My photo & video gallery

My photographs capture still moments in time, offering a unique and intimate look at special moments. Each shot is a work of art that conveys emotions, transporting you to unique creative and narrative worlds.

The videos bring the moments to life, adding movement and voice to the stories. From the pulsating energy of live events to the engaging narrative of short films, each video is a window into exciting and captivating worlds.

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The art of photography is never a mere representation of reality, it is much more: it is vision, passion, poetry, magic, dream. Photography is a powerful symbol of life, as it is capable of evoking emotions, enclosing memories, giving smiles, rekindling the heart, collecting thoughts to recompose them in the magical box of time.


To film is to live, and to live is to film. It’s simple, in the space of a second to look at an object, a face, and to be able to see it twenty-four times. That’s the trick. Said Bernardo Bertulucci…

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