Hermandad Smo. Cristo del Salvador

Cabanyal- Valencia

The ‘Settimana Santa Marinera’ procession in the Cabanyal district of Valencia, Spain, is one of the city’s most important religious processions. It is held on Good Friday of Easter, at sunrise and takes place in the streets of the neighbourhood.

On Good Friday, a brotherhood group, ‘Hermanedad’, carries the cross of Cristo Del Salvador through the streets of Cabanyal, The procession starts at 07:45, Hermandad Smo. Cristo del Salvador gathers to watch the carrying of the cross. After a short walk, it meets up with Hermandad Stmo. Cristo del Salvador y del Amparo and another figure of Christ on the cross.

The procession moves through the streets of Barrio del Cabanyal with members of both brotherhoods carrying their respective statues together with musicians playing music throughout the morning.

After a ceremony together, the two hermanedades say goodbye and while the Cristo del Salvador and the Amparo return to their church of origin, the Cristo del Salvador proceeds the camino towards the beach.

After a prayer by one of the members, he offers a laurel wreath to pay tribute to those fallen at sea.

Afterwards, everyone returns home to rest before meeting again in the afternoon for the Stations of the Cross.

This is one of the many celebrations that take place during La Semana Santa Marinera Del Cabanyal. This procession is one of the most important religious celebrations in Valencia and is considered of national tourist interest by the Spanish government.

What I hope is evident in all these photos is the feeling that emanates from all these unique people united to celebrate their faith. My attempt to create a visual memory of the extraordinary procession has resulted in this modest collection of photographs. I have made some minor adjustments to the size, contrast and cropping to make the images easier to view on this page and to ensure that all relevant information is legible

Hermandad Smo. Cristo del SalvadorParroquia de Ntra.Sra de los Angeles - Cabanyal- Valéncia
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