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Welcome to Fenomeno Phi Studio’s blog. A collection of photographed stories, landscapes seen and journeys experienced

Welcome to my blog, a place where images tell exciting travel stories and capture beauty in every corner of the world. This space is the beating heart of my adventures, a showcase of journeys, discoveries and works that have shaped my creative vision.

Each journey is a chapter, and each photo is a page that tells the story of places, people and cultures. Through my photo diary, I share the most significant moments, from sunrises over remote cities to sunsets on pristine beaches, telling the essence of each experience.

In addition to my travels, I also show my most recent work. From creative projects to special collaborations, each photograph is a testament to the commitment and passion I put into each shot.

Join me on this visual journey through landscapes, faces and stories that have become an integral part of my creative journey.

I have created this space where I want to tell my world, or rather my perception of the world.
Photography for me goes beyond the simple snapshot, behind it there is always a study and a why!
My why simply stems from the emotion I feel when observing what surrounds me; the shot, therefore, is nothing more than the visual interpretation of my vision.
In the next articles I will bring you examples that will make you enter the shot to fully understand, precisely, my why!

wedding day Iván Y María José
Photo Reportage
Beppe Caruso

Wedding Iván and María

Wedding Iván and María Capturing timeless love and joy, Wedding Iván and María’s wedding photo session celebrates an eternal bond

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Ristorante a Valencia di Cucina fusion nikkei Ryoko di Adam V. Boyer
Beppe Caruso

Ryoko Restaurant

Ryoko Restaurant The Ryoko restaurant offers a variety of dishes such as sushi with Peruvian ingredients and hot dishes that

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Benvenuti Su Fenomeno Phi Studio
Beppe Caruso


WELCOME TO MY BLOG The phi (φ) phenomenon is an optical illusion that our brain generates by making us believe

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"Photography is another way of bringing poetry to life, behind a lens the eye travels, explorer expresses itself, careful immortalises, narrates without words, with the intention of creating, bringing to light the imperceptibility of the things around it"

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